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Conditions for using this blog.
Terms of access and terms of use are included here.
The content appertains to the right owners.
Screen captures and content under text form have as scope the information’s presentation regarding with some web pages, software products and services.
To not risk affecting the original website PR (page rank), the big part of the content suffers small modifications, known been the fact that google gives lower rank for copied content.
You respond for the use of the content of this blog.
You don’t have the right to copy the content of this blog without my written consent.
By accessing the content of this blog you understand that you will not sue me if the content of this blog does not contain:
– clear content used for breaking in computer systems without the approve of the owner;
– content that instigates to hate or to doing illegal things;
– content for adults;
– copyright infringement;
– content that instigate to racial hate.
Since 3-August-2023 I’m affiliate of Amazon and I promote products/services shown on there website.
I receive benefits from sales made from affiliate links/banners/images.
I do not guarantee in any way for the quality of products sold on Amazon.
Do a research before buying any products or service!
The content is private; consider this blog a club that has access restrictions based on the TOA (Terms of Access).
If you do not accept the TOA you are not allowed to access any part of this blog.
This blog can contain erroneous information’s, I don’t respond in any way for those errors to you or to a third party.
I will correct the errors if you send me an email with the proof that I have incorrect information’s in my content.
Screen captures will not be in the original size in the majority of the cases so that you visit the product about what I talk.
The good will in using information’s from third parties I prove by encouraging the visits to the blog/website that have complete and original content.
I don’t try to steal traffic based on third parties work, that is because there BL (back links) is increasing because of my link to their website.
This blog is hosted in Romania (member of European Union)
If you will take content from this blog, without my approval, you understand that you are forced by there terms to pay compensation 100-5000 euro (at BNR exchange rate in the day of the payment) and you will delete the material you used on your website/blog, and you will stop transmitting it in any other way possible.
You will receive a notification with a limit term, of max 30 days (not working days are not included), to pay the compensation.
If you will refuse to pay the compensation, you risk to be sued, if we will go to the court, you are bound by these terms, to pay all my court expenses plus 1000 euro at BNR currency exchange in the day of the payment.
For this compensation, you will get a 30 days terms to comply (not working days are not included) to pay it.
The sum of the compensation will remain at my choice based on the interval mentioned above.
If you wish that screen captures or other content based on your original content to be removed from my blog, send me an email, this will be removed in a very short period of time.
My email address is:

Not reading or not understanding the conditions does not allow you to break them.
If you don’t understand them click here (Google international search engine home page will be loaded if you click there).
If any law is in contradiction with any of my terms of access and use, the law is above my terms.
I ask a lawyer that has time and wants’ to help me, to send me an email so I can have an ethical and legal terms of access and use, I must tell you that I don’t afford the payment of law fees.
This blog is a pamphlet.
I’m not in any way responsible for any damage resulting in putting into practice the advices found on this blog.
These conditions can change any time, you must check periodically to see if changes are.
If you don’t accept my “Terms of access” please go back to Google.

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