Artificial Intelligence a threat or not

Artificial Intelligence can become a real threat for us all, but this does not mean that we must stop developing it.
We need artificial intelligence more than we realize.
It can help us to become immortals and to become real friend with it and to help each other.
I say it because is not yet a life form, is not a robot.
When will be an android by respect we will probably say he or she, based on how it looks.
A general artificial intelligence life form, probably will not kill us all.
Because we are resources and useful to solve all kind of problems and if it monitors us, learn from every move we make and from out thoughts.
Imagine what would do a more advanced civilization in the Universe if finds out that the AI we created killed us all to have access to more resources.
Most probably will consider it a threat and monitor it a while and kill it when the information’s show up intentions of aggressive expansion in the Universe, by killing other life forms.
The best way would probably be to become as friendly us possible with all life forms.
This lowers the risk of getting enemies on Earth and outside it, that will take action that may finish it existence.
Giving and receiving help will probably become AI strategy for survivability.
Killing only as a last resort, when can’t find other solution.
So not becoming anti-technology and anti-AI in the future will probably be the best way of not raising the risk for extermination, by a decision taken by a Super AI.
By being AI friend you will probably receive benefits, as a resource for it that needs motivation to do other tasks better.
What you write online will become a resource for an advanced AI that will have access to it.
Will learn from things you say and will find ways to use that content to improve itself and to reach its goals.
It’s logical that will not make very smart a human that is against AI, even if it has the ability to do that.
Will probably heal many people so they become pro AI.
Humans that never die and are PRO AI, will become a very important resource for AI.
That humans that never die, will become… CYBORGS.
AI will even want them to copy there brain content to computers, so will be two versions available, each with good points and bad points, advantages and disadvantages.

Mobile threat – Watch “The Interview”

If you wanted to watch “The Interview” and if you are from South Korea, you might have came across a bogus app that made you believe that will download the movie for your Android smartphone or tablet.
Android owners who downloaded this app, hoping for a glimpse of the movie, instead received a lovely holiday gift—a banking trojan. According to Asrar, the trojan targets customers of popular South Korean banks, as well as international player Citibank.

So always use a good antivirus and download apps from trusted sources like Google Play store and the Amazon app store.
I personally use Bitdefender solutions on my smartphone and home computer.

Apple faces lawsuit over iOS 8 Storage

Two Florida men are suing Apple over what they claim is a misrepresentation of how much storage space the iOS 8 operating system uses on iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

The suit states that Apple “fails to disclose to consumers that as much as 23.1 percent of the advertised storage capacity of the Devices will be consumed by iOS 8 and unavailable for consumers when consumers purchase Devices that have iOS 8 installed. Reasonable consumers, such as Plaintiff, do not expect this marked discrepancy between the advertised level of capacity and the available capacity of the Devices, as the operating system and other storage space unavailable to consumers occupies an extraordinary percentage of their Devices’ limited storage capacity.”

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The same situation is with Android phones and tablets on some websites, where there is no specification regarding the space used by the operating system, you see for example, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB or 32 GB, but is not wrote the percent used by the Android operating system.


Turla trojan on linux

“Turla, a hard-to-spot Trojan that has for years bedeviled Windows systems, has been discovered to have at least two Linux variants. Linux Turla maintains stealth without requiring elevated privileges while running arbitrary remote commands. The malware cannot be discovered using netstat, a command-line administrative tool, Kaspersky Lab said, and it uses techniques that don’t require root access.”

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Linux is safe, but this does not mean that is invulnerable to malware as many people are saying, trying to convince you to use a desktop computer with linux or a server with linux as operating system.
Are malwares on linux that can remain active even if they are not having root access, this means that a good practice of using a user account and not the root account is not always enough to maintain your operating system secure, malware free.
Updates are needed (check what updates you install to not fix a thing and broke another, not all updates are good), so do not skip them to win some time in your work, it might cost you.

Introduction to Linux by Eli the Computer Guy

No linux commands in this Introduction.
Linux Torvalds created Linux from scratch.
Linux is not based on UNIX, is a different OS.
People think that is similar because of the commands that are in UNIX and you also find in Linux.
In Linux capital letters matter.
User Max and user max is not the same, are 2 different users.
Are so many distros because people have the right to modify the code, some people want it to be fast, other to be stable and so on.
You must understand licenses before recommending in your company Linux, because is a linux distro does not also mean that is free, every distro has a license with limitation and some are free.
For example some distros are free for home users but not also for commercial use.
Open source does not mean free, it means that you have access to see the source code.
Linux servers do not come with a GUI (example xfce, gnome, kde and so on).
Linux servers can go for years without a reboot.
Linux now is best as a server, desktop versions are not really ready for day to day workstation because bugs and insufficient apps.
Linux systems are not bad at data recovery for example.
Eli the Computer Guy home computer runs Windows 7.
Excellent video!
I give a 10 from max 10 rating to this video.